A New Home

Operation moving into new home was a glorious success. After navigating a couple of train changes I arrived in Fuji around ten pm where I managed to meet a few members of the branch team who I will be working with over the next year.

As it was rather dark I could only admire how big my apartment is compared to where I had been staying in Tokyo (Which while perfectly sufficient for my needs and in a great location, was on the small side) and also compared to what people had been saying online. 

Sure it only has one room, with a kitchen, washing and laundry area sort of bolted on to the side, but it’s a good sized room with plenty of storage solutions for the things I’ve brought with me and the many future purchases that are likely to happen. I also have a book shelf again, which makes me feel happy because I’m sleeping in a home with books again. This stuff is important!

Fuji itself is just beautiful. Mountains are all around the city/ town (I’m not too sure how it’s actually classified)  and there are some rice fields and vegetable gardens just randomly located about. 

There are also a number of rivers running through here from the mountains which means there are streams running along side nearly every road. Like I said, this place is beautiful and amazing. I feel very lucky to have been placed here by the company. All hail the mysterious company.

With a bit of help from different people I now know how to use the washing machine with water, while before the best I could manage was the tumbling action plus washing powder. I also know where to go now to register myself as a dirty foreigner who has come over here and stolen someone’s job as an English teacher. Sorry, I mean expat. So I’ll be doing that on Monday in order to avoid the delights of deportation.

There is also this amazing shop called c spot that looks like a garden center from the outside, but on a whim of exploration I ventured inside and discovered that it is infact the place of all things! From beds to clothes and furniture, household goods and sporting items and even food! Best bit is it is a ten minute walk from my house. Basically my life is sorted here, you guys should all come to fuji because it’s freaking amazing.

Only real downside is there is a train track next door to my flat and when I say next door I mean this;

And that’s the distance from the back door to the track. On the flip side though I seem to sleep through the noise if there is any at night, so I’m not too worried.

So once again it’s an overwhelmingly positive review of my day. It’s almost like I’m enjoying myself. 


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