The longest wait

Despite how busy I actually am these days, between work, university, attempting to learn Japanese and painting tiny plastic toys, I still find that the bigger picture manages to really drag itself out. I believe it is mostly because I am waiting for my visa to be approved, so every time a new email notification pops up on my phone I immediately drop everything to see what it is (much to the despair of my manager and to the detriment of anything I was previously holding), only to be disappointed by spam, pictures of my very recently born nephew or university results.

So maybe the last two things on that list are not so bad, but it is a little frustrating that when you know full well there is no reason why your application would not be accepted that it can still take up to three months to be approved, and then I still need to wait for the paperwork to arrive from Japan and take it to the embassy in London to have it converted into a full visa. If only the Japanese government would just accept my cover letter stating that I’m pretty great and will be no trouble at all, I feel that their whole visa process could be sped up by maybe as much as 3000%. So if you happen to be reading this, Japanese government, it might be worth considering. That is, after all, one heck of an improvement in speed and literally nothing else.

Jumping topics almost entirely, I took the proverbial leap and bought some Malifaux crews. One for me – The Hired Swords, and one for a friend – The Guild’s Judgement. The plan is I am going to paint them both and then give one to my friend as a birthday present. This means not only will I be a great friend but they will have to play the game with me, and so I become less of a great friend and more of a cunning blackmailer through the power of gift giving. The game itself looks like a lot of fun, but I actually mostly bought it for the models as I’ve been eyeing up the Hired Swords (in a normal, art appreciation sort of way) for a couple of months now. A quick browse of the Wyrd forums also reveals that at least back in 2011 there were people in Japan playing the game too, so with a little luck it could also be a nice way to break into the gaming circles over there. Yea, that’s right! I managed to make even this a little bit about Japan. As an aside, this means you can probably look forwards to pictures of the things I am painting, as well as updates about my experiences with the game. Unless I suck at it, in which case I’ll just pretend it never happened.

Time never does seem to move in the way we want it to, either too quickly or too slowly whenever it is the most inconvenient for it to do so. It’s almost like it is a concept that can not only be used as a measurement but is also deeply rooted in the personal perception of the beholder, who incidentally are very nice people and give a great live performance. (As well as being quite difficult to find on youtube to demonstrate that they are a heavy metal band, rather than some nonsensical surrealism about time being a great live performer.)

Tune in next week for more waiting around for a visa, painted figures and a discussion / rant about people who sell bottled air. Don’t forget to listen to our podcast too, it’s pretty great and features me, your good pal Dave.


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The observant among you will have noticed that this is the first post of a new blog. As such it feels appropriate to provide a little more information than you might find on the about page.

So my name is David, although I am more commonly known as Enigmatic Dave in this world of digital personalities. I’m an environmental management student working in a game store who records a weekly podcast about the hypothetical with a few friends. Together we are the 3 Parrots Podcast (links can be found throughout this site) and we aim to entertain, educate, confuse and provide at least a couple of terrible terrible puns.

This blog is a bit of a side project for the 3 parrots, as you might have guessed by the name of this site, where I will be discussing things I find interesting and inviting you to join me in my upcoming adventures in Japan! I’m also hoping to rope in the other ‘Parrots’ from time to time and have them post updates of their own, so you have press-ganged authors to look forwards to as well.

Let the adventure begin! (Also blogging, that will begin now too.)