Training Day 2; Now With More Training

As the title suggests, this was indeed day two of my training. Still going pretty well although we actually had to give our first (supervised) lessons today. While slightly terrifying it was a good experience as a) the feedback was constructive and useful and b) it showed that even if they don’t completely understand you, just being friendly and engaging will get you a long way while c) It’s actually really really hard to completely screw it up. Like I think you would actually either need to try or have a panic attack and freeze for it to be genuinely awful as a lesson.

Out of my sample group of one (although we did listen to other lessons too) the students seem eager to learn and are friendly. Which makes sense as it is their time and money they are spending. 

The people I am training with a good too, as when we are outside of work while also being a social point we share what limited Japanese we have too and sort of learn as we go, jumping in if we can help the others out when stuck.

While still very early days I think this is the sort of work I could really get into. While the lesson books give you a focus to work around they do encourage creativity and give a reasonable amount of freedom of style around a loose formula to follow. 

Anyway, that’s me for today. Currently on a train back home before I start the same thing tomorrow. Although hopefully this time I won’t be woken up by another earthquake. 


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