The observant among you will have noticed that this is the first post of a new blog. As such it feels appropriate to provide a little more information than you might find on the about page.

So my name is David, although I am more commonly known as Enigmatic Dave in this world of digital personalities. I’m an environmental management student working in a game store who records a weekly podcast about the hypothetical with a few friends. Together we are the 3 Parrots Podcast (links can be found throughout this site) and we aim to entertain, educate, confuse and provide at least a couple of terrible terrible puns.

This blog is a bit of a side project for the 3 parrots, as you might have guessed by the name of this site, where I will be discussing things I find interesting and inviting you to join me in my upcoming adventures in Japan! I’m also hoping to rope in the other ‘Parrots’ from time to time and have them post updates of their own, so you have press-ganged authors to look forwards to as well.

Let the adventure begin! (Also blogging, that will begin now too.)