Things what I did in Japan 

This week I’ve been back up to my usual shenanigans of traveling around bits of Japan and taking pictures, because apparently that’s what I do now.

Once again I managed to find another volcano to climb, because that’s also what I do now. This one was a much easier climb, mostly because I could use a ski lift instead. It’s amazing really how much easier walking is when you don’t have to do any real movement.

At the top of this particular volcano was a rather interesting sight. Now I don’t know about you but when I think volcano I think rocky, maybe lava in the crater if it’s active. I do not usually think ‘this would be a great spot for some archery.’ Well apparently someone did think this and that’s exactly what you can do here.

This week has also seen a return to eating more delicious raw fish, and generally amazing Japanese food. This pleases me.

It was also the week of the lucky moon, although I failed to cash in on this luck by eating a dumpling while staring at the moon. I assume this is some sort of threat, that the dumpling represents the moon and on this clearest of nights the moon can see that if it does not give you luck you will come up there and bite it.

Until proven otherwise I will assume this is basically a fact.


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