Power for All

So one of the interesting things about Fuji is all the water and rivers running along side the roads. Yet even with the environmental awareness of the country, all of this free kinetic power is just running off to the sea. It makes me wonder why across the world we are just letting very easily used energy resources just go to waste.

Back in the UK before the national grid came into place each town was expected to provide it’s own power needs. While I never lived through that part of history I imagine that much like in Japan now, people were more aware of their power consumption. Yet since the implementation of the grid we can take energy from one place and send it to another. While useful for keeping everyone provided with all the power they need, it removes us from the problem which seems to means for many the problem has also gone. 

People here already use the river to water their gardens, so is it really that big a step to start using these easy to access resources to lower our reliance on burning things for power? I’m always amazed that we still support our civilisation by setting fire to things, even though the technology already exists to move beyond this. 

It would appear that we cannot wait for some large corporation to bail us out of this energy issue. If we could, then we would already see the technology bringing power across the globe. Instead only a few progressive places have made the switch, and that’s just not enough change. Right now there are still companies stealing land from people to mine resources or to make way for pipelines. 

While we cannot all go to stand by these people at every atrocity committed in the name of power, we can limit how much we use and look for alternative ways to power our homes. Remove our need for external energy and these companies will no longer have the funds to ruin lives. This is not an easy thing to do, nor am I by any stretch the first to suggest it, but it is important. Not just for the morality of the situation but for the selfishness of our own survival.


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