Why did Kirk climb a mountain?

To describe Mt Fuji during the day is something of a challenge. While I could be lazy and fall back on the descriptive of indescribable, it doesn’t really feel right to do so.

In many ways it’s like being on a different planet that features excellent views of earth. The red and black and sometimes even purple rock formations give a Martian quality to the mountain, while the panoramic views way down below of cities, forests and even the sea makes this five hour climb/ hike so entirely worth the effort.

And then there was the sunrise;

Such a glorious array of colours bursting through the clouds at 4:30 this morning. From total darkness crept dark reds into orange, before hints of blue shone through.  You could see day breaking for one city while another way still in night.

Although I didn’t actually make it to the very top (I could see it from where I was but it was stupidly steep and I was quite tired) It was an enjoyable experience overall. Challenging, insane and tiring but entirely worth it. My advise would be to only go as high as you feel comfortable with, even just from the 5th station of the mountain where you can be driven by bus should you wish, offers spectacular views. Although it’s easy to think I must get to the top I think I had a much more enjoyable time of it all knowing when to stop climbing and just enjoy where I am.

For the rest of the pictures from this wonderful journey, please check out my instagram account as for some reason most of them won’t upload to here 


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