The Joys of Banking

So first of all, just a quick update on regularity. Now that I’m working full time again I’ll only be updating weekly rather than daily. But on the plus side that means there will be so much more to read about. Like how I’m failing at playing the borderlands pre-sequal (need to level more before trying to so the boss) or how due to the lack of a car I mostly walk for 5 to 10 miles on my days off to get anywhere in Fuji. (I still really like it here but there is a lot of walking to be done).

During my time off this week I decided I would try to avoid being deported and registered my presence in the city at the Ward office.  Considering how bad my Japanese is, and how everything was in Japanese it actually went reasonably smoothly.  Once again the staff were lovely and helpful, and no one said out loud that I was ruining their day so that’s a plus.

It’s genuinely very easy and mostly involved Google translate for the occasional confusing bit, although some of the English variants were really off the mark. But we got there, between me, Google and three members of staff the Japanese government now knows where I live and seems content with that situation.

I also tried to open a bank account today. Again the lady helping me tried her best, and together we got through the forms except for one tiny detail. I needed a hanko. This is an official stamp that you register with the city and use on important things. A signature was right out, so looking online I saw that it can take up to a week to get one. A week! But I have till the end of the month to open a bank account or I have to start dancing for yen in the street, and my visa doesn’t really cover that. Unless of course I use my dancing to teach English at the same time, but it’s a bit of a grey areas.

Fortunately I won’t have to test that theory just yet as I found a hanko shop nearby that could make it in an hour. Only downside is the bank closed before that and I still needed to register it. Plus side, I could still register it today and the bank is open again tomorrow so everything is still mostly on track! Yay.   

So my advise for people moving to slightly more rural cities in Japan. Get a hanko quickly. It’s a bit of a pain as you then need it for everything important, but unless you can find a very foreigner friendly bank you will have problems.

Work wise, everything is good. The students are nice and the other teachers seem to be able to cope with me too. It’s actually a lot of fun, and still rewarding to hear people using what you taught them less than an hour later. 

Also if anyone else does have the borderlands pre-sequal on steam let me know as I need people to play with.


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