Training Day 1

No, not a sequel to that film. That being said I would be okay with my life story being played out on screen by a rather confused looking Denzel Washington.

Today was the first day of training for my new job, and to be fair it was no where near as terrifying as being asked to teach English to a bunch of strangers could be. The lesson materials we have to work through for each class are pretty simple and very easy to use, so most of the training was based around methods of how best to interact with students and get the most out of the materials for everyone involved.

It also turns out that today was the second earthquake I’ve experienced since being here. On Tuesday I thought the building was moving a little due to strong winds. Turns out it was an earthquake and we had another today. It’s a interesting experience feeling the building move, but in a good way as you know they have been designed to do exactly that. 

The people I’m training with are a nice bunch too (although I have to say that as they might see this) and although it’s job training it’s also quite light hearted and fun where possible too. 

What I would say from day one of training (and thus clearly an expert already) is that if you are thinking about doing the teaching English thing, then as long as the company provides you with a good stock of teaching materials it really doesn’t have to be at all daunting, aside from moving country and living in a place entirely different to your own home where no one speaks your language and the food is weird and trains run on time and everyone is polite. But other than all of those terrifying things, I’d certainty say I have no regrets so far and I’m looking forwards to day two.

Unfortunately other than earthquakes and managing to not get fired before day one of actual work, I don’t really have much more to report. 

Interesting sign of the day though is a follow on from a previous sign. After spotting adverts for Lumine – the Bargain and assuming it was a singer, today on the side of the train station I found Lumine – the kitchen. Are these just interesting choices of album names, or does the word Lumine translate differently from something else? The mystery continues.


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