A New Day, a New Park

So as today is my last day in Tokyo as a tourist I thought I would spend it relaxing in the sunshine in a park not too far from where I am staying. Looking on the map it has a museum in it for nature and science, which would normally very much be my thing but as it’s something called Sea Day here (where people celebrate the sea being an important part of island life and being thankful that sea gods have not yet reclaimed it. Okay the last bit might be a lie.) it is unfortunately closed.

Never mind though, I thought, just more time for relaxing in the park. So off I went, stopping briefly for yet more delicious food, before finding the entrance to the park hidden away on the other side of a train station. The park itself was lovely, of not a little concretey. There were spaces set aside for trees and things to grow while the rest was either astroturf or stone. I even wandered past the first buskers I’ve seen here in the form of a trio playing double bass and accordion while one sang. They were very pleasant to listen to and was a sort of jazz folk mix. 

Then of course I went to the zoo in the park. Excuse me? Yea. There is a zoo in this park. 

Not quite on my plans but too good to pass up, especially as entry was 600 yen. So instead of being lazy I just spent the day looking at a whole bunch of animals doing animal things. There is even a little section for native Japanese animals along side the usual selection of elephants and tigers, gorillas, pandas and armadillo. With a small animal section,  bird home and vivarium this isn’t even close to being one of those small petting zoos you sometimes find in a park corner. 

Look at the little guy just chilling out 
There was also this wonderful sign, which I’m assuming means this thing will bite your fingers off if you try and poke it. But is also looks a little bit like they are saying don’t force your hand down the mouths of animals, which is also good advise I guess.

If you don’t already follow me on instagram, and would like to see some more photos of secret Park zoo!! (as I’m sure it’s not called) then just search for Jragnarr and prepare for the onslaught of fluffy things. 

While unexpected it has certainly been a great way to end my week off, now I just have to get used to waking up before midday again. Okay so I guess I haven’t avoided being lazy altogether.



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