The Adventure Continues (Day 5)

Today has possibly been the most exciting day of all. It’s actually hard to contain my excitement as I write this due to just how mind explodingly amazing it is…

Now that I feel you are sufficiently braced for my news; I bought an iron! And a teeny tiny ironing board upon which to iron. I know right. Mind blowing.

Having not worn a shirt for work since, well, ever, it was a bit of a novelty trying to iron several shirts for next week. This was not helped by the fact I had to do it on my bed (obviously with the board on between the iron and the bed, I’m not that crazy). It’s okay though it wasn’t all ironing today, I also ventured through Akihabara a little more on my way to make the big purchase.

My first stop was a weird corner shop style building spread over several floors, the first three or four had some pretty random assortments of household items and things you might want for cosplay (the act of dressing up like a character from something, I believe they need to be fictional for it to count) but then above all of this I found an arcade! A whole floor of game machines with just enough room for someone to walk behind between each row. It was loud and fantastic. I’ve never seen so many time crisis and street fighter variations in my life. I didn’t play any of them, cause a) I didn’t have any change with me and b) didn’t fancy getting beaten at a game by a ten year old.

After all this I was feeling a little hungry. And having mostly eaten noodles for the last four days I did cave and had a burger king. However, expunge from your minds the image of a sad, part cold burger that takes ten to twenty minutes to arrive once paid for. This is a whole different burger experience (Which yes, I will be trying to sell to them as a slogan later) It’s tasty and actually enjoyable to eat, so that was a pleasant surprise. 

Finally, once full of delicious burger I was ready to find my perfect iron. Prefect in this case meaning it didn’t cost a fortune and would fit in my bag when I finally moved into my home. As you can see from the title photo, I was successful!

Once the actual ironing was done I spoke to my parents for a bit, because the Internet is pretty cool like that and makes being on the over side of the world to most of your friends a whole lot easier when I can taunt them as they wake up.

I then ventured back to the British pub from two days ago for drinks and dinner. Mostly because that place is a lot of fun and partly because I can drink two liters of Cuba libres for less than a tenner during happy hour, although I did get a few odd looks when ordering. Anyway, if you happen to be reading this and also in Tokyo, that is where you will find me now!



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