A Day in the Park

Day 4 of Dave in Tokyo and once again I enjoyed use of the effective train system. While I couldn’t tell you if they were on time or not, as I’m not in a rush and just get on the next one to turn up that’s going in the right direction, they are regular, clean and cheap. Or at least cheap compared to other capital prices. I also love the pricing system. 

For example, today I went to Shibuya (the other side of Tokyo, go me!) and to get here cost me ¥170 or £1.30ish. Now when I want to return, guess how much I’ll pay? That’s right! Exactly the same amount. Not ¥300 for a single and ¥340 for a return. Nope, each journey costs exactly the same amount because it is the freaking same journey. Not that I’m at all angry about the illogical pricing of return and single tickets in the UK. But seriously guys, sort yourselves out.

Anyway…. I came to Shibuya today mostly to go to the park. Yoyogi Park specifically, so of course it decided to rain all day. That being said I have an umbrella and short of a tsunami (Which yes, I’m aware could be something that actually happens here) I’m willing to get out and see new places while I can. I’m pleased to say that as always it was totally worth it. It’s massive and full of trees and the sounds of corvids, while the only sign you are still in a city is the very tips of the tallest buildings around just poking up over the foliage.

The rain has actually made it pleasantly cool to just wander around, while the sounds of fountains everywhere are very relaxing indeed. 

Deep in the other side of the park is a Shinto Shrine (I don’t have any photos of the shrine itself sorry as it is still in active use and it seemed a little rude to take photos of people praying). Although they are currently rebuilding the main entrance after it was destroyed by a fire, it is magnificent while demure, one of the grandest buildings I’ve seen since being here yet fitting into the surrounding woodland perfectly with its own wooden construction. It does help that the woods are also spectacular here and are the perfect setting for such a hidden treasure. There is also a pair of married trees inside the shrine, which according to the notice next to them are a symbol of happiness in marriage, the two growing tall and old together.

To give you an idea of the shine though, here is one of the entrances:

I also found godzilla today, though he is smaller than I remember and apparently trapped inside a building. So I guess that’s a good thing for as long as that holds. 

You also might have noticed that I have realised I can add pictures into the body of the blog too. So um, yea…

Awkward sign of the day; Stumptown – Boots and reconstruction (I’m guessing this is a shoeshop and cobblers rather than some sort of bionic leg shop)


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Park

    • I’ve yet to find any dodgy food. I have become a bit of a regular at this place by Akihabara station though as everytime I get back from a trip I walk past it to get home and then get distracted by delicious noodles


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