London Day 3

Surprise, I’ve been here the whole time and just used Google earth for all the photos…

Okay, maybe not. So day 3 of Tokyo has been another successful day of using the trains (so far at least) and I have managed to get myself to the central station, which appropriately has signs outside saying Tokyo Station City, because it is freaking huge. This place puts London Victoria to shame (and you don’t have to pay for the toilets, and they are still cleaner here). There is an entire shopping center beneath the whole thing with more restaurants here than I’ve seen in my entire last two days of walking around.

After an exciting trip to a shopping mall which was part book shop, part dining hall and part opticians (I’m not too sure why, but hey) where I made a grand purchase of one whole envelope before heading back to the relative serenity of Akihabara. In fact the station is so huge that on my return I managed to find a whole other section of shops I missed the first time around, including a little pokemon place. I would genuinely not be surprised if they had an issue with tourists having panic attacks in that station as the options on how to get entirely lost and surrounded by people on both sides are many and easy to fall into. However being the super adaptable person that I am (and not having to ask someone this time) I once again managed to use the train for a whole two stops without getting lost (yay, go me!) I found myself tempted to see what the Japanese version of a British pub was like, remembering that I had passed one near the station yesterday called the Hub.

 It’s actually probably the best version of a British pub I’ve seen outside of Britain (the beer and spirit selection was actually pretty close to a couple of locals back home with a few Japanese extras) the food options were a little more Japanese based, with octopus pizza and squid ink being the first item you turn to on the menu. The drink options are good though, with various cocktail and happyhour options on the drinks menu and the staff, as always, were very friendly. Of course being the radical that I am I opted for the Japanese beer, Kirin, which is a reasonable draft larger and had a very British side of shrimp to go with it. Okay, maybe I missed the point of going to a British themed pub, but hey I had fun anyway. 

I shall be returning to my room soon as we will be attempting to record our first ever edition of the podcast with me in a different country to everyone else, so that’s going to be a bit different.

Things that I have enjoyed discovering today;

The literal translation of ice cream appears to be soft custard.

There is something proudly advertising itself as ‘style free beer’ which either means it’s just a regular beer or alcohol free. Not sure which yet.

Culture shock of the day;

Seriously there are so many people in Tokyo central and I didn’t even go during peek hours. It’s worth a look but you really do need to brace yourselves if you are not a big fan of overly crowded places. Good for the experience though.


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