Tokyo Day 2

As promised I have stuck to conventional number systems for now and present day 2 of my adventures in Tokyo. 

While things started off sunny, it rapidly devolved into a light summer rain, which to be honest was not exactly a bad thing aside from all of the humidity. As in the weather app says it’s 90% humid right now. (I’m actually not too sure what that means other than I can feel it’s pretty humid.) This also ment it was the perfect day for finding something indoors to do, and with the Edo period museum ten minutes away it seemed to be a strong contender. (The other options were staring at the river for a few hours or walking for an hour to try and find where I’m working next week.) 

To summarise, it’s impressive. I only visited the permanent exhibition, but they do have seasonal special exhibitions too as well as a huge library and audio visual library based on the history of Tokyo. The permanent exhibition started by having you walk over a life-size replica of the Nihonbashi bridge, or bridge into Japan as it was also known. As you go over it to your left and right you can see further life size replicas of Edo style buildings below you. The entire thing took me a couple of hours to look through, but if you have any interest in Japanese history it is very much worth the time and money, costing only 600 yen for the visit. Link to their website!

Lunch was once again delicious. I’m probably eating really basic everyday things from everyone’s point of view, but it tastes great so even if it’s the Japanese equivalent of sausages and mash I’m happy. Still need to find an actual sushi place though, but I’m hoping to visit the fish markets this week so should have more luck there!

As I write this I’m preparing to return to Akihabara in order to become master of the Japanese rail system, or at the very least not get lost and attacked by wild dogs and/ or ghouls. (Which I assume is possible due to anime).

Culture shock part 2

Not so much culture shock but a general observation of eating places. First of all its interesting how most places have you eat around a bar like area, and when full people will form a little queue for their turn. The service staff live up to every positive stereotype and cope really well with my rambling attempts at Japanese. The downside to the queue, when there is one, is that I’m aware I’m eating far more slowly than everyone else around me and that I’m probably about as adept with chopsticks as a four year old. That being said no one has made any comment on it, nor have I been even slightly rushed by anyone so my original, they are lovely comment stands and the pressure is all in my head. Stupid head.

Bowing. There is a lot of bowing and I’m still adjusting to when someone is actually bowing, or just looking at something on the floor. 
That is all for today, again you can expect more tomorrow in Adventures in Tokyo Day 482! (Because two days of sequential numbering is quite enough. Fight the power and all that).


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