The journey begins! 

Well, it begins a little later today as right now I’m lounging on a sofa waiting to head to the airport. If anyone else who reads this is considering also visiting or moving to Japan, here are a few tips I have learnt during my preparation. 

1. Injections. Being a reasonable busy person and slightly unaware of the medical situation in Japan I actually left it until very late to get my injections. This was mostly okay, but I’m now going to have to get two more while I’m actually in the country, which is a little less than ideal. I would recommend seeing your local travel nurse as soon as possible, especially if you need Japanese Encephalitis jabs as these are usually done privately.

2. Exchanging money. It has been both a good time and a bad time to be leaving the country in the wake of the Brexit vote. If you are looking to change money I’ve been told it is always worth doing it outside of Japan as the exchange rates to yen are never particularly great. When exchanging in the UK if you don’t want to do it online, Thomsons seem to be the place to go as they will search through all the available rates and find the highest. As an aside it is worth looking up some rates yourself as being human they may miss something and if you show them a higher rate they will do it for you. Saved me nearly £150 doing that.

3. 30kg is not as much as you think it is. When moving away it is quite hard to pack even just the essential life stuff like enough clothes within this limit. I think I’ve managed it (based off an electronic scale) but if you think you are going over its worth buying extra weight in advance, or even signing up for an airmile programme before buying your tickets as many of these offer extra luggage allowance.

So these are my three top points to be mindful of when being a crazy person and moving to another country. More points to follow as the journey progresses!


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